"So, from the age of three till six, being able to now to tackle his environment deliberately and consciously, he begins a period of real constructiveness." - Maria Montessori

Preschool/Kindergarten Program (ages 3 – 6 years)

The Sunrise programs follow a typical school year calendar, beginning in late August and finishing in early June. Sunrise holds a six-week long summer program for the 3 to 6-year-olds.

    • To enter preschool, the child must be 3 years by September 1 st
    • To enter or transition into kindergarten, the child must be 5 years by September 1st  (click here to review Kindergarten readiness)
    • There are two Pre/K classrooms, the Willow Room and the Mulberry Room
    • Preschoolers attend 9:00 to noon Monday through Friday.
    • Kindergartners attend 9:00 to 3:00 Monday through Thursday and 9:00 to noon on Fridays
    • There are 24 to 28 children in each morning class
    • Trained Montessori teachers direct each morning class supported by one or two trained assistants
    • The number of Kindergartners in the afternoon class varies from approximately 6 to 12 students
    • A trained Montessori teacher leads the afternoon class
    • Enrichment is available before and after class, 8am - 5pm

Teachers provide a learning environment where children are supported, loved, and valued for who they are and who they can become through experience and guidance from their teachers and classmates.  We prepare an environment where children can develop at their own rate, enjoying every moment of discovery along the way.  By allowing them to explore their world with hands-on experiences and exploration, their senses are fulfilled and completely supported.

Children seek to meet their academic, social, emotional, and physical needs through work and play within a classroom community. Our experienced staff brings many talents to our program, including art, music and movement, Spanish instruction,cooking, and outdoor education.  Teachers follow each child in learning, observing and guiding them to higher abstract levels of understanding themselves and their important work ahead as citizens of the world.