Your Observation of a Sunrise Montessori Classroom

A classroom observation is the first step in our application process and a great way to be introduced to Sunrise.  To arrange an observation, please go to the Contact Us page to arrange your appointment via email or simply call (707) 253-1105.

Please note that the classroom observation is for parents only. It is important that you watch the classroom uninterrupted and without distraction.

When you arrive at Sunrise, go directly to the office to meet with our school Administrator. You will have time to read the observation form and ask initial questions. Our administrator will then take you to the classroom.

Your observation will last approximately 30 minutes to one hour.  The purpose of your observation is to see how the classroom functions on a typical day. The teachers will be busy with the children, and when they have a moment, they will introduce themselves, but need to get back to the children.

There will be a designated chair for you, where you will be able to observe social interactions, individual learning, group dynamics, and the environment. In the lower and upper elementary programs, a student will serve as your observation guide.

Please record any questions on the observation form, and the administrator will discuss them with you when you return to the office.